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About Lanie

I am inspired by nature and the beauty of the outdoors. I see magic in the juxtaposition of textures and colors in every landscape, even the simple garden pathways. There is meaning in everything I do. I create floral pieces based on the elements of design using classical proportion and modern color palettes. I listen to our clients carefully and will design florals from the whimsical to the classical.

I have a deep appreciation for great design, a love of architecture, and a passion for nature and its abundance. I am trained in the Ohara School of Ikebana under Yuko Inoue Darci, and hold an instructor-level certificate. The “shy flower” is a casual term I learned early on in my Ikebana training. The term refers to the flower that sits behind the focal point. It is meant to stand in the background and highlight the arrangement.

As a beginning Ikebana student, I loved the idea of the shy flower and started thinking about all the ways I could act as the shy flower. As I began thinking of opening my own florist and event business on the north shore of Chicago, it became clear that this would not only be my guiding principle, but my name. In turn, I am driven and delighted to remove the stress and anxiety of a customer in the throws of an event. I listen to my clients carefully and will deliver great joy and beauty with my work. The fulfillment of helping my clients continues to help me grow and flower myself.

When I am not immersed in flowers, plants, and soil, I fill my time with my family and if I am not with them I am probably on a local paddle court.

Lanie is a gifted floral visionary. Her knowledge of textures and color palettes is extraordinary. Lanie is an absolute delight to work with to bring your floral and event dreams to life.
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