Shy Flower FAQ's

The Shy Flower is always available to answer your questions via email or phone call. However, take a look at our FAQs and see if some of our frequently asked questions and answers helps you with your questions.

Our address is 1046 Gage Street Unit C in Winnetka, Illinois. However, our door is located in the Tower Court alley just north of the exit from the Walgreens parking lot. Look for our flower pots! Need to give us a call? The studio phone number is 224.255.1200.

The Shy Flower offers flexible subscriptions to meet your needs. Our floral subscriptions are available at multiple price points and you can choose from weekly, bi-weekly and monthly occurrences. Recipients receive an email 1 week prior to their delivery and they can adjust delivery locations and times by contacting the studio. Subscriptions can be ordered online in the values and time frames listed or can be customized to fit your needs by calling the studio. Subscriptions are an extraordinary gift to a loved one who has everything as well as are unexpected corporate gifts.

Subscriptions can be cancelled up to a week prior to the next delivery. In addition you can place your subscription on hold should you be traveling or have something that conflicts with the delivery. In addition, subscriptions can be sent to multiple addresses making it a good fit for professionals who regularly send gifts to clients.

Now that your flowers are in your home make sure that the vase is full of water. Roads are bumpy, and a little water may have splashed out. Fresh flowers drink a lot of water and may need fresh water daily.

Bacteria in the water will shorten the life of your flowers. When water becomes cloudy, replace water in the vase. This is best done every 2-3 days. The simplest way to achieve this is by holding the flowers gently to the side of your vase and carefully placing your kitchen faucet inside the vase. Run cool water until the vase water runs clear and the old water has been flushed out.

There is a variety of of floral in your vase. The natural lifespan of each flower is different. As your blooms pass, remove them from your arrangement to protect the other blossoms.

Finally, we all know plants love the sun, but fresh floral does not do well in direct sunlight. Keep floral away from the direct sunlight and your arrangement will last longer.

The Shy Flower does deliver in the Chicagoland suburbs. Our local delivery charges are based on the Chicago suburbs locations. With appropriate contact information we can all deliver to the area universities and hospitals as well. Please call the studio for a delivery quote.

The Shy Flower offers pick up in our Winnetka studio. In addition we are pleased to partner with Central Station Coffee in Wilmette, IL and Double Clutch Brewery in Evanston to provide a pickup location. Pick up times will be confirmed in your order via an email and are available 11am – 4pm on the day of pickup.

Designer’s choice in floral work means that the designer chooses the floral and color for the week based on what is freshest and what is available the week of the order. Just as in other industries, flower farmers and wholesalers are experiencing extreme shortages. The Shy Flower will do everything we can to accommodate your special requests for floral and colors, but as hard as we try the flowers may not be the freshest or even available. Designer’s Choice gives the Shy Flower flexibility to continue to create extraordinary arrangements for you in the event substitutions are needed.

The Shy Flower maintains a designer’s choice policy and reserves the right to substitute flowers in the event that they are unavailable or are unexpectedly not the freshest. We encourage you to submit your requests for color palettes, and possible favorite flowers. While we can not guarantee the request, we will our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

There is no fee for consulting with the Shy Flower. In fact we will even buy you a coffee as we discuss your project! We look forward to hearing about your floral visions.

They Shy Flower is pleased to present our floral classes throughout the Chicago area suburbs. However, we do love to take the show on the road. Please schedule a consult and we will be happy to get you on the books.

Our classes currently include casual happy hour classes, classes to elevate your understanding of floral mechanics and children’s classes meant to play and have fun inn nature.

Classes are popping up through the area. Watch Instagram and our website for the most up to date locations and times. In addition you can always call the studio for dates and times.

The Shy Flower is pleased to be a member of the Slow Flowers Movement, and we are committed to using sustainable practices whenever possible. This includes a commitment to never using flower foam, trying to reduce our packaging and eco footprint and buying local and USA grown flowers whenever possible.

One of the best things about owning a flower studio is all the amazing people I have met. On the tip top of that list has to be the flower farmers in the area. We are a florist in the north Chicago suburbs, but you would be surprised to find out how many hidden gems are right around your corner or on your rooftop!

Ikebana is a Japanese ancient visual art that uses floral materials and adheres to strict design rules. It was originally created to adorn Japanese altars. Ikebana is know for it’s simplicity and clean lines.

A shy flower is a casual term for the flower in an Ikebana arrangement that is slightly in the background meant to enhance the beauty of the object of the arrangement. This idea is the guiding principle of our floral work. Our designs are meant to enhance and setoff the beauty of your indoor spaces to bring joy. In addition our service team works to take the pressure off of the host so they can shine through their event.

For event or custom floral orders please contact the studio. However, several options are available on our Shop Floral page.

Delivery fees are determined by location and set up time. If it is simply multiple arrangements going to one location there is only one delivery charge. If the floral needs to be placed and set up at the event the delivery fee may need to include a set up fee. However, this tends to be for larger orders and events.

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