Mother’s Day Offerings

Arrangements and Hand-Tied Bouquets

We have many special gifts to give to the mom you love. The Shy Flower will offer arrangements and hand-tied bouquets at 3 price points and 2 color choices. All floral is designer’s choice.

Looking for a gift that continues to bloom?

Give a Budding Florist Kit

In addition to our bespoke arrangements and hand-tied bouquets, the Shy Flower is offering a Budding Florist Kit. This  $105 kit is beautifully wrapped and includes:

  • a premium vase
  • professional snips
  • professional floral prep to hydrate and care for your flowers
  • sustainable floral arranging mechanic (a floral guppy)
  • a floral guide to hydrating cut flowers from your own garden

Make this gift even more special and add loose floral stems and a floral recipe to your gift so your special mom can make her own Shy Flower arrangement.

*Want to make your bespoke arrangement, hand-tied bouquet or Budding Florist Kit floral a subscription? Call the studio at 224.255.1200 to arrange.



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Mother's Day Offerings

$85 Arrangement, $185 Arrangement, $285 Arrangement, $350 Arrangement, $100 Hand-Tied Bouquet, $175 Hand-Tied Bouquet, $105 Budding Florist Kit, $170 Budding Florist Kit with DIY Loose Floral & Recipe


White and Green, Spring Color

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